About ECOtanka

ECOtanka was born from a passion for health and the environment.  Founded in New Zealand, in order to provide the need for just one bottle that would last a lifetime and keep drinks cool and fresh all day. ECOtanka is proud to have been one of the first to introduce the concept of stainless-steel drink bottles to New Zealanders back in 2005.  ECOtanka is always looking for new distributors globally.   

Aaron Broderick, the founder, and owner of ECOtanka, wanted to buy just one drink bottle that was not glass, plastic, or aluminium in 2003.  Searching all over New Zealand and Australia for 6 months, Aaron ended up extremely disappointed that there was not even one alternative.  After looking at every bottle on the market, he wondered why not convert a stainless-steel flask to just a single wall bottle that was simple, light, and easy to carry.  At this stage, the idea of making stainless steel bottles was born and underway for the health benefits for everyone and for the earth's environment by providing the best alternative to plastic bottles.

ECOtanka products are made in the world’s stainless steel drinkware manufacturing centre in China.  Due to some unpredictable inconsistency of the product quality in the first few years, Aaron had to go to China and live among all the factories to learn all the ins and outs of the industry, and to manage the production and control the quality on the ground.  After seven continuous years, he has trained all the supplying factories to the western ECOtanka standard, built a complete supply chain management system, and has a QA and QC team working on the ground for every single order in order to deliver the excellent and consistent quality of all ECOtanka products to its customers globally.

Aaron on ECOtanka production line

The ECOtanka team has been developing new designs, new functions, and new products.  More and more good products will be soon introduced to you.

ECOtanka Australia

ECOtanka Australia was established in March 2018. 

AuzzieChoice PTY Limited is trading as ECOtanka Australia and is the only official Australian distributor for all ECOtanka products.  The owners of ECOtanka Australia, Aaron Broderick and Lilian Zhu Broderick, currently living in Brisbane Australia, are very friendly and approachable and would love to hear from you if you are interested in adding ECOtanka to your product range.

Aaron Broderick, the founder and owner of ECOtanka brand, is from the beautiful country of New Zealand. With his dream and courage, Aaron first went to China in 2009. For the following 7 years, Aaron was living in the most economically dynamic region of China and learned a wealth of knowledge about China’s Modern Values and its Traditional Culture. From quite a many deals he’s done with different Chinese factories, Aaron is now very familiar with how Chinese factories operate, how people think, work and communicate, and most importantly how to get the best quality for all ECOtanka products.

As a Certified English-Chinese Interpreter and also with communicational French level, Lilian Zhu Broderick is experienced in manufacturing, trading, import and export, international shipping, supply chain management, wholesale and retail. She is more than willing to help you if you want to set up your ECOtanka business.

Our Team

Aaron Photo ECOtanka

Aaron Broderick


Aaron Photo ECOtanka

Lilian Zhu Broderick


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ECOtanka New Zealand (the homeland), managed by ECOtanka's appointed NZ Partner/Distributor Topline Distribution Ltd.

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ECOtanka European Union is managed by ECOtanka's appointed Partner/Distributor H.P. Marketing GmbH in Germany.

ECOtanka Global is the Official Global website for the ECOtanka Brand managed by ECOtanka Global Limited (NZ).