ECOtanka sportsTANKA 800 kooler cover

sportsTANKA 800 Kooler Cover is an insulating cover that keeps your bottle cool for much longer on those summer hot days.  They are made from neoprene (wetsuit) material, are durable and soft, giving extra grip, colour and protection for your bottle along with a handy adjustable carry strap.  On the back, we have added a special carry handle and printed space for you to put your mark on the kover for your ownership.

ECOtanka sports 800ml kooler cover Camo front

800ml sportsTANKA

ECOtanka sports 800ml kooler cover Camo side

800ml sportsTANKA

kooler cover strap CAMO
ECOtanka sports 800ml kooler cover dark blue front

800ml sportsTANKA
​​​​​​​dark blue

ECOtanka sports 800ml kooler cover dark blue side

800ml sportsTANKA
​​​​​​​dark blue

kooler cover strap dark blue

Care Instructions:

Before fitting your cover, please remove the lid from your ECOtanka bottle first to avoid over-stretching the material.  Fit your KOOLER cover, and stretch it up the bottle as far as possible, then fit the loop over the neck of the bottle.   Handwash only in water below 40 degrees Celsius with mild detergent.  Wash gently, squeeze out all the dirty water and allow to soak from 1 hour to overnight.   Air dry away from sunlight, which can cause the material to dry out and crack.


The packaging for all ECOtanka products are 100% Plastic-FREE and environmentally-friendly. From Factory to End Consumers, Less Packaging Waste.
To learn more about our packaging, please click here.

2 Year Warranty

All ECOtanka kooler covers come with a 2-year warranty against faulty manufacturing.  If you have a problem with your kooler cover, you can contact us or find out more information here:


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