stainless steel 2L lunchBOX

The ECOtanka 2L lunchBOX / foodBOX is a great product that gives you a good size to fit your daily food intake, good quality that will last a lifetime, multi-functional lid, interchangeable colour locking frame options, and is easy-to-clean thanks to its unique stainless steel finishing and removable parts.     

The lid fits under the main box to save space when eating, and can also be used as a solid and strong plate to eat from or as a cutting board during camping.

The lunchBOX / foodBOX has been designed as a space saver as the main boxes are stackable on top of each other and the lids as well.

As an added feature, two pocketBOXes fit inside one lunchBOX /foodBOX for complete food separation no matter the lunchBOX is with or without the seal and the locking frame.

This size lunchBOX is more suited for 13+ and is great for office workers, contractors, and professionals.

LunchBOX Specifications

The ECOtanka 2L lunchBOX / foodBOX is very easy to clean and care for:  simply wash and rinse well the same way as you do with your dishes making sure NO dishwashing liquid is left on the stainless steel.  All parts are dishwasher safe, however, we recommend hand washing to prevent possible deformation or discoloration over time, and prolong its usage.
Like most stainless steel products, we do not recommend placing them in the freezer.  They work well at room temperature or in the fridge.

This product is made from Stainless Steel 304 18/8 (1.4301), Austenitic steels.
The material contains 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel
The product material is FREE from Lead and other contaminants.
This product does not contain an internal coating and is FREE from any other chemicals.
Stainless Steel Origin:  China

German HTV Silicone Rubber by Wacker Silicone
ELASTOSIL R401/20-R401/90

PP#5 (polypropylene) 95% + TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) 5%

The outer size of the 2L lunchBOX / foodBOX is: Length 235mm x Width 181mm x Height 83mm
This size is based on some of the lunch boxes in the old days. You can fit two full sandwiches, an apple and a small pot of yoghurt in one lunchBOX for a good and healthy meal.

The 2L lunchBOX / foodBOX is printed with white laser printing.  The bottom of the main body box and the top of the lid are laser printed giving a nice silver colour logo that will not come off and does not contain any chemicals.

The packaging for 2L lunchBOX / foodBOX is environmentally-friendly and 100% Plastic-FREE. ECOtanka designs and makes packaging in a way that the end products can be posted from any sales company directly to an end-user with no other protective packaging needed.  

From Factory to End Consumers, Less Packaging, Less Waste!

To learn more about our packaging, please click here.

2 Year Warranty

All ECOtanka products come with a 2-year warranty against faulty manufacturing.  If you have a problem with your lunchBOX, you can contact us, find out more information, or get support here:


The ECOtanka 2L lunchBOX / foodBOX is multi-functional and can be used for almost any food.
Tip 1. When you use the lunchBOX with the seal and the locking frame, fruits, vegetables, or salads can be kept fresh and crisp in it up to 1 week in the fridge.
Tip 2. Different colour locking frames can be used as an identification whether for different food storages or his-and-her lunchBOXes.
Tip 3. While the stainless steel blocking the light and the sealable lid keeping the moisture inside, the lunchBOX will keep food fresh much longer.
Tip 4. When on the go, simply lay some baking paper to the inside before adding any warm or cold food, then you'll have a ready-to-use lunchBOX again by removing the food crumbs together with the paper after eating. Be careful though when you putting hot food in the lunchBOX, it may be hot to hold since it's not vacuum.

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